Karrie Porter Photography



With an energetic personality and a style that is as colorful and vibrant as it is
expressive and emotional, Karrie often gets notes from couples about how viewing
their photos makes them feel, not just how they look. That’s an important metric
for Karrie, as someone who considers herself an ardent people watcher, who picks up
on subtle emotional cues easily, and who has learned over the past 14 years to
anticipate moments and be ready when they happen. No detail is too small, no
request too large. For laid-back couples with a playful streak, a love of
creativity, and a desire to work with someone who is as talented as she is
personable, Karrie Porter Photography is the perfect match.

www.kporterphotography.com| info@kporterphotography.com

305.517.3558 | 400 Whitehead St #862, Key West, FL 33040