Los Altos


Upstairs from Taquerias El Mexicano, a famous Taqueria in the iconic Little Havana neighborhood, Los Altos, a hidden gem will take you by surprise.

Los Altos, if you can find it, is an upscale cocktail lounge and bar founded by Mad Room Hospitality.  Inspired by the cultural heritage of Mexico from the drinks to the authentic, imported décor. Los Altos is sure to be an immediate wow factor—again, assuming you can find it.

The 3,000 square foot venue features a carefully curated, well-decorated space. All elements of design are meant to be a tribute to the beauty and culture of Mexico as they were directly sourced from the country including re-purposed doors that came from an abandoned church, hand-stitched furniture, and even the bathroom fixtures were hand-painted in Mexico. The cocktail menu was created in collaboration with Erik Gaytan. His famous Mexican cocktails can be found at the most well-known cocktail bar in Oaxaca. “We wish to provide our guests with an authentic Mexican experience and a taste of unique cocktails that are in the spirit of what they would find upon their travels in Mexico,” says co-owner Zack Bush.

Instagram: @LosAltosMia | www.LosAltosMiami.com | 521 SW 8 Street, Miami, FL 33130

Event Director: Vanessa Mendola | 305-775-4805 | Vanessa@MadRoomHospitality.com | Co-Owner: Zack Bush | Zack@MadRoomHospitality.com