The Bridal Clutch: A Luxury Bridal Accessory

Ariel Taub’s bridal accessory collection was designed for today’s sophisticated bride who craves elegant and unique pieces. One of her latest collection is the bridal clutch. All of the designs are carefully crafted and are fine-tuned to perfection.

Today’s chic and fashion forward bride has the perfect Bridal Clutch. The clutch is a stylish accessory that is a part of the bridal look for her wedding day. And yes, ladies, it is a necessity. Here are a few reasons why today’s bride has the Perfect Bridal Clutch on her wedding day.

Vibrant Lips

Every bride looks stunning with her lips looking freshly painted. In order to keep that lovely shade of lipstick looking fresh throughout the wedding day, she needs to keep it close to her to reapply. The bridal clutch has a section to hold your tube of lipstick.

The Small Mirror

The pocket mirror is your saving grace in keeping your makeup looking picture perfect. As the day goes on, you will need to do some make up and hair touch ups. Within seconds, you can reach into your bridal clutch and check your makeup and hair with your small mirror. This saves time from trying to get back to the mirror in the bridal suite. You can do a quick touch up to save time to spend with your guests.

Breath Of Freshness

The wedding day can be serval hours long. You want to keep your mouth feeling fresh. A great way to do this is to have mints. The bridal clutch will carry your mints and keep you feeling fresh throughout the wedding celebration.


The wedding day is an emotional day in your life so there will be some tears of joy shed. In order to wipe those tears away and keep your makeup looking fresh, you will need to have tissue handy. A little pack of tissue fits perfectly in your bridal clutch.

The Wedding Vows

Most brides are writing their wedding vows. After exchanging your vows, you may want to keep them close to you. They are precious words that you just spoke to your groom. A safe place to slip them into is your bridal clutch.

Now that we gave you just a few reasons why the Bridal Clutch is a necessity to your wedding day, you may want to check out Ariel Taub’s bridal clutch and accessory collection. Enjoy your wedding day and don’t forget the Bridal Clutch.

Images | CLD PR

Designer | Ariel Taub

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