Valentine The Celebration Of Love

Valentine is a day to celebrate the essence of Love. This is that one special day in the year that lovers express their love with flowers, sweet treats, romantic dinners, and proposals. Yes, there will be many happy lovers today celebrating with a new sparkling ring that reflects love and commitment.

As you are about to enter a new chapter in your life with your true love, you begin to reflect on the meaning of the word Love.

The L in Love

The L in Love stands for two lovers who will share a life filled with all the joy and laughter that love brings. You are uniting two heats into one.

The O in Love

The O in Love stands for you are the one. Yes, you are the one who your lover wants to share every sunrise and sunset. You are that special one in his or her heart.

The V in Love

The V in Love stands the vows you will share on your wedding day. These are words of commitment to trust, honor, respect, and love each other forever.

The E in Love

The E in Love stands for everlasting and eternal love. This is the letter that reflects an endless love between two people that can never be broken.

Valentine’s Day is your day to celebrate Love. Enjoy every moment and detail of a day filled with romance. Cheers to you and your Valentine!

Images by Tessa Maxine Photography

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