Setting the Mood with Music

It’s the music at an event that sets the mood for the evening. DJ Dave Trakztells us how music is the detail at an event that brings the party to the host and guests. “The DJ pays attention to the mood of the crowd and setting, event venue, in order to create an evening of entertainment and special moments,” said David. At any event, it’s all about entertainment.

What Makes A Good DJ?

Versatility, adapting to your audience is the main element in what makes a great DJ from an average DJ. The DJ needs to connect with the guests. Once the guests start walking into the room, you start reading them. You have to be able to make a connection with them in order to give them what they want for a party. It’s about engaging with your audience that brings the party to another level where everyone is enjoying the event.

An Entertainer Not Just Someone Who Plays Music

A DJ is an entertainer at your event. He knows the style of music that will get the crowd out of their seats and onto the dance floor. He finds the moment within the party to drop in the music requested by the guests while still playing the music selected by the host. David tells us, “As the DJ plays music from one genre to another, it needs to be a seamless transition. That’s what makes a great entertainer.”

Styles Of Music

It’s the host of the event who selects the style of music. But once the guests enter the event space and you start connecting with them, they begin to influence the style. As a DJ, you have to know when to drop into the party the classics, the current, and all types of genres that gets everyone up on their feet.

Creating Moments

The music blends with the mood of the guests and creates new moments. When the bride and groom dance their first dance, this is their first moment as they being their lives as husband and wife. As the music plays, moments are created by the host and guests. These moments become memories to cherish.

DJ Dave Trakz believes that music is the WOW factor to all events. It sets the mood for the event and brings the fun to your party!

Photography by Michelle Lawson Photography

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