Incredible Wedding Bands for Your Groom


If you and your husband love the unique, beautiful parts of life, then we know you will want to wear incredible wedding bands for the rest of your lives. Luca Jouel is a fabulous jewelry company with a passion for natural gemstones and unique art. These wedding bands were designed for the groom looking for something different. Luca Jouel was created by Australian gemmologist, Tereena Lucas. Drawing upon a reverence for the healing arts, her love of jewelry from antiquity, as well as patterns of botanic and architectural origin, Tereena aspires to celebrate a raw and sophisticated beauty. She is attracted to a timeless style, and her intention is to create beautiful heirloom quality jewelry. 

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For her men’s wedding bands, Tereena offers a well curated selection ranging from simple rings that have been specially hand-finished to a stunning ruthenium plated palladium ring that consists of two-hundred black diamonds. Some pieces are more understated while others appear much bolder, perfect for the man that appreciates simplicity or is looking for a statement piece. “I wish to create beautiful jewelry that speaks to the individual; that is suitable for everyday wear yet intended to be treasured over a long time. I understand and feel it myself that not everyone wants to look like the latest trend, that more happiness can often be found in wearing one’s favorite piece. I am interested in the detail of patterns and combining different elements and in evoking a sense of nostalgia.” lucajouel5 lucajouel6 lucajouel7


Wedding Bands & Images| Luca Jouel

lucajouel8 lucajouel9 lucajouel10Tereena uses harmonious combinations of responsibly sourced rare and unusual diamonds, gemstones, and mixed precious metals to create collections that are custom made and finished by the quality crafts people she works with. Your husband will love showing off his personality by wearing an awesome Luca Jouel’s wedding band from the moment he says, “I do,” and for the rest of his life shared with you.

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