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If you are a gemstone loving bride looking for unique, beautiful jewelry to wear on your wedding day, you will adore Luca Jouela fine jewelry collection designed by Tereena Lucas in Australia. Luca Jouel is committed to making quality jewelry that promotes social and environmental responsibility. Each gorgeous piece is custom made by expert artisans, resulting in one-of-a-kind, fabulous gemstone jewelry. If you are attached to a specific gemstone or have an overall passion for unique gemstone jewelry, you will fall in love with Luca Jouel’s breathtaking designs. Also, Luca Jouel is the perfect company to support, because the brand supports fair trade and ensures strict labor and safety practices. By wearing Luca Jouel, you know that you are helping others while wearing breathtaking jewelry. Luca Jouel aspires to create beautiful, quality jewelry that brides will be proud to wear.







Luca Jouel’s designs feature harmonious combinations of recycled metals in 18 carat yellow and rose gold, palladium, platinum, and silver, combined with precious and semi-precious gemstones, including diamonds, which brides love to wear on their wedding day. All of Luca Jouel’s diamonds are obtained from reputable sources and may vary in color to include the traditional white diamond as well as champagne and black diamonds chosen for their unique coloring and aesthetic appeal. Some stones are perhaps more classically beautiful – clean and displaying all the important angles of cut and proportion; whilst others are decidedly asymmetrical with visible inclusions, completely veering away from traditional expectations. Luca Jouel aims to highlight and celebrate natural gemstone inclusions as is possible.”





Luca Jouel’s gorgeous gemstone jewelry is the perfect addition to complete a bride’s wedding day look. The classic and more edgy bride can find stunning pieces that appeal to their own personal style. We also love Luca Jouel, because the pieces are glamorous enough for the wedding day, but are also wearable and functional for day-to-day living. Brides will always cherish their gemstone jewelry designs from Luca Jouel due to the beautifully special and memorable aesthetic that they create. Relive your wedding day every time you put on your Luca Jouel necklace or earrings to remember the sweet sentiments of your magical celebration.






Images and Designs | Luca Jouel

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