Creating a Billion Magical Moments with Lovepop


LovePop, innovative wedding invitation design company, is changing the way guests receive wedding invitations. The wedding invitation serves as the first peek into any wedding day. It is essential to choose a design palette that reflects the couple’s personality and theme or ambiance of the wedding day through gorgeous calligraphy, a color palette cohesive to the wedding design, or lovely graphics. LovePop views weddings as one of the most magical moments of life and has a goal of reflecting each couple’s love story by creating wedding invitations that are as personally designed as possible. LovePop has a mission of creating a billion magical moments. LovePop creates magical moments in several ways from the second that wedding guests open their exciting LovePop invitations to creating a personalized story through custom, unique invitation designs that tell a story.



LovePop invitations are created through their user-friendly website. Couples have endless opportunities for customization and personalization with fabulous three-dimensional paper sculpture options and gorgeous design art. LovePop focuses on creating an experience that showcases the couple’s personality and taking that concept as far as possible. LovePop is passionate about inspiring others to create their own magical moments in their lives no matter what. Their creative, innovative designs serve as the perfect tool to spread joy and magic to all of your wedding guests. Each LovePop invitation is a beautiful art piece made into an unforgettable story.



LovePop began as a greeting card company in 2014. The design team presented their idea to Shark Tank in 2015 and became invested by Kevin O’Leary. This took the company to the next level, and brides around the country are loving these creative, beautiful pieces of art that truly create a billion magical moments. Start creating your unforgettable LovePop wedding invitation that you and your wedding guests will forever cherish!


Images | Coded PR

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