Custom Bridal Workouts at Pilates ProWorks


Many brides are passionate about getting in shape before their wedding day. They want to look and feel their best as they walk down the aisle and for the many wedding photos to come. Brides want to remember themselves on their wedding day as beautiful, confident women from the inside out. There are many fabulous exercise options out there from gyms to studios. We love Miami based pilates studio, Pilates ProWorks, due to its bridal targeted program, “Sweating for Your Wedding.” Summer, owner of Pilates ProWorks in Miami, loves working with brides to help them sculpt and tone to help them feel gorgeous before the big day.


Sweating for Your Wedding began last year as a company wide Pilates ProWorks program. The program encourages brides to get fit by starting or continuing a healthy, active lifestyle with targeted workout routines and a thirteen week meal plan, including wonderful recipes and options for healthy eating. Sweating for Your Wedding is not a fad diet; it is a lifestyle change and serves as a platform to motivate a healthy lifestyle for brides.

Sweating for Your Wedding is a three month program. The package is unlimited, so brides can come work out as often as they want for three months. Pilates ProWorks recommends coming as much as possible throughout the three month program. Brides have the option to enjoy the beloved pilates program as well as StudioB classes, which include mat boxing and tone and flow classes, which are more cardio-focused than the targeted pilates classes. StudioB classes are wonderful options for the bride looking to burn as many calories as possible. Brides have the option to tailor their Sweating for Your Wedding program to what fits their lifestyle and exercise goals, making the program versatile and user-friendly.


Brides love the Sweating for Your Wedding program, because they are able to customize the program by wedding dress style. The program includes specific exercises for strapless gowns, which focus on the arms, mermaid gown exercises focusing on the obliques and core, and options for low-cut and backless gowns, including specific back workouts. Pilates ProWorks loves to help brides focus on the areas that will be the most exposed according to their bridal gown style.

Pilates ProWorks is also the perfect activity to add into your Miami bachelorette experience. Today’s brides are more health-conscious and active than ever; why not add a fabulous pilates or StudioB class to the bachelorette party itinerary? Go take a wonderful class and feel refreshed before enjoying a beautiful Miami bachelorette brunch! Miami brides-to-be, click here to check out Pilates ProWork’s Sweating for Your Wedding program with detailed workouts! We know you are going to look incredible on your wedding day!

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