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The beautiful Royal Wedding was a fabulous affair full of enchanted joy. Meghan Markle was a vision of beauty as she made her way toward Prince Harry in her breathtaking bridal gown. Royal wedding expert and British bridal designer, Caroline Castigliano, was on-site at the Windsor Castle covering the royal wedding, and we are so excited to share her commentary with you lovely brides-to-be! Get inspired for your own princess wedding through Caroline’s coverage of the unforgettable Royal Wedding.

What do you think of the outfit overall – dress, veil/tiara, shoes etc? 

We have been counting down the days speculating the Royal dress designer and Meghan has made her moment in history wearing Givenchy and Clare Waight Keller. Meghan has made her entrance in a minimal gown and has certainly differentiated herself from Kate, who did it all in lace! Meghan has brought the splendor here with a long veil. Meghan looks thoroughly modern with her choice of gown and has given her nod to the Royal family and Queen by following the Royal tradition of covering her shoulders and wearing a long sleeve! She entered St Georges Chapel for a moment of history in a simplistic style. The dress is a boat neck wedding dress is a wonderful style. It’s a wide neckline that follows the curve of the collarbone and ends at the shoulders. 

Meghan is going into a family that has been seen in the public eye for 1,000 years and has definitely made her mark with this wedding gown, which is quite remarkable in the way it’s so simplistic compared to other dresses we have seen on Royal brides, Diana and Kate! Royal brides are normally expected to support British designers in the UK rather than choosing designers from abroad, but Meghan has gone with a French luxury design house, which is a different choice from other Royal brides. The whole wedding is picture perfect and fairytale-like with all of the bridesmaids looking fabulous! 


Is it what you expected/predicted? 

I believed the gown would be a very straight, fitted dress, with a big 9-foot train coming off the dress from the side to create the drama. I did think she would have a bit of lace, and there is some lace detailing on the veil. I predicted Meghan would have some kind of edge to her wedding dress, but I was certain Meghan’s dress would be classic and elegant with traditional features. I predicted Meghan would give a big nod to the Queen and Royal family with covered shoulders, a long sleeve, and high back. Yesterday, our bets were on Stella McCartney, but as Oprah and Amal Clooney both arrived wearing Stella, that was a surprise to us, and we thought it must be a different designer if they were wearing Stella. I thought Stella was such a perfect fit for Meghan as Stella uses organic fabrics, and her ethos is very much the same as Meghan’s. 

Is the dress similar to any other royal wedding gowns?

Kate Middleton’s gown took a style lead from Grace Kelly’s dress; the intricate applique bodice and sleeves of Catherine’s mirrored the wedding. The similarities don’t end there; both gowns shared a high-waist, full-skirt, and a long, dramatic train, and both wore a sheer veil and diamond tiara! I would say that Meghan has gone quite Wallis Simpson (almost royalty) – Wallis’ dress was designed by Mainbocher; it was very modern in its time much like the look Meghan has gone for. The gown was made of a crepe silk and featured a long slim skirt much like Meghan has gone for here! Wallis was known as a fashion weapon and was a super glamorous art deco woman.

Caroline Castigliano also commented on Meghan’s gorgeous evening gown for her wedding reception, “We got our prediction right almost! I told the New York post on Wednesday I was certain Meghan would wear Stella McCartney and now she has for the evening! Stella McCartney designed Megan’s evening gown, a simple crepe dress halter neck, backless; it was alluring and sensual. I was predicting Stella would design a dress for the day, and I got it right! Meghan set the tone of her dress absolutely right again tonight; it was exactly her in the style she loves, which is a clean and understated dress. Meghan regularly wears a high neckline, and it’s a style that really suits her. Caroline Castigliano features a gorgeous dress similar to the Stella McCartney gown that Meghan wore for her wedding reception:



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