Planning a Lavish Wedding Day


Planning a lavish, extravagant wedding day requires meticulous attention to many details, which is why we always recommend working with a trusted wedding professional to cultivate and execute your dream elaborate wedding vision. In the wedding industry, there are many types of professional planners that can help you along your planning journey from wedding planners to floral designers to destination professionals to event producers. However, if you are planning an extraordinary, over-the-top wedding day, it will be essential to work with a professional who can truly do it all, which is why we love The Elite Firm, who combines every aspect of wedding planning into one professional company with a passion of taking each wedding design to the next level.








The Elite Firm loves to go against the norm to create a unique wedding experience for every couple and their guests. The Elite Firm repurposes the expectations given from the bride, and completely blows them out of the water for an incredible wow factor. The Elite Firm loves to create new, unique concepts that showcase the bride’s personality with a twist and new, fresh perspective. This can be made possible through creative food presentations, menu placement design, and thorough design of each detail. The Elite Firm mentions that the “little things” can create an unexpected surprise in wedding design. “It is all about experiencing the senses and the perception of the environment. The event has to be ignited.” Past wedding experiences include lounge seating with butler passed hors d’oeuvres, an ice luge, and a mixologist creating craft cocktails as well as the practice of Hora Loca, where guests wear Venetian masks and participate in a conga line to rid bad spirits.







The Elite Firm is perfect for the edgy, young bride who wants to bring in unexpected elements to her wedding day that truly bring the event to life. The Elite Firm loves working with brides who have a unique, out-of-the-box wedding vision full of creative inspiration. For The Elite Firm, “every wedding is a unique story that unfolds based on the couple. The couple is always the inspiration.” Having twenty-seven years as a wedding and event planner, The Elite Firm is the perfect professional to help you bring your lavish wedding dreams to life!






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