Generations of Love Stories


As you lovely brides-to-be may know, an upcoming royal wedding is taking place on the other side of the pond. Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s wedding day will be a beautiful celebration of love, class, and royal traditions. Many brides love to carry traditions from previous family generations into their wonderful wedding day. What a gift it is to bring your family’s past into a day focused on love and unforgettable, cherished memories from the cake cutting to the first dance. Publisher and Managing Editor of Enchanted Brides, Inc., Gipsy Williams, is thrilled to share her dear, precious photographs of her loving parents’ wedding day with all of you beautiful brides-to-be. Gipsy’s mother’s bridal gown was a timeless design that will always remain beautiful. She and her kind-hearted husband radiate happiness and true love in each vintage photograph, which has inspired their family’s following generations to come. Classic wedding traditions are held dear, because they have been carried from family to family for years and years. Some families may hold the tradition of repurposing their grandmother’s bridal gown or enjoy the passing down of a gorgeous diamond to a grandson to ask the love of his life for her hand in marriage. There are so many beautiful ways to incorporate your family’s heirlooms or sweet reminders of their wedding day into your own.



We adore seeing all of the beautiful moments from every wedding day that we come across from Royal Weddings to nuptials across the United States. Celebrating love is what Enchanted Brides, Inc. does best! We are so delighted to share these heart-warming photographs of Gipsy Williams’ lovely parents on their splendid wedding day. We would love to see photographs of your parents’ or grandparents’ wedding days, too! Please share your sweet sentiments with us by emailing Gipsy Williams at or myself at We would love to share your family’s beautiful wedding stories and timeless photographs!


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