Do You Have the Best Proposal Story?


Do you have a sweet, unique proposal story? Geny’s Flowers and Bridal is accepting marriage proposal stories to send you and your love to a romantic dinner for two at Jeff Ruby’s! Geny’s Flowers and Bridal will choose the top five stories to share on social media, and will select their top favorite story for this fabulous date night prize. Anyone can enter the proposal story competition from recently engaged couples to moms and grandmothers who may have incredible stories to share. Geny’s Flowers and Bridal wants to hear your proposal story!

Marry Me

Geny’s Flowers and Bridal will select the winners after December 1st! The submission of your romantic, unique, or fun proposal story will allow Geny’s Flowers and Bridal to share your story on social media. They would also love to receive a photo from each couple who sends in their story! Make sure to email your information to and click here to fill out the form to enter this fabulous giveaway! Geny’s Flowers and Bridal will also have a second round of proposal story entries for those who will be newly engaged over the holidays from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day, so make sure to watch out for this as well! We can’t wait to read your beautiful marriage proposal stories. Good luck!

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