Aruna Seth Pearl and Diamonds

arunaseth1An elegant, feminine wedding day shoe is the perfect addition to a breathtaking wedding day look. Brides adore their beloved wedding day shoes for years to come for many reasons. They become such an important element of the bridal look and carry you down the aisle as you prepare to say “I Do.” The bride will always remember her bridal shoes, which can be kept somewhere safe after the wedding day as a reminder of how the bride felt walking down the aisle and dancing the night away at her reception with cherished family and friends. We adore Aruna Seth’s fabulous new 2018 collection of glamorous, stunning bridal shoes from her newest collection, Pearl and Diamonds.

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arunaseth9“The diamonds to the pearls are as the sun is to the moon, both symbolize perfection and illumination.” – Aruna Seth. Aruna Seth’s elegant bridal shoes are a symbol of beauty, purity and limitless love. Aruna Seth believes that every bride should have her dream wedding day with the perfect dress, accessories, wedding venue, bag, and of course, gorgeous shoes. “Aruna Seth has designed bridal heels which are both elegant, glamorous and comfortable. There is something for everyone. Every girl needs something new and something blue.” arunaseth10 arunaseth11 arunaseth13 arunaseth14 arunaseth15 arunaseth16 arunaseth17Aruna Seth is a world-renowned designer who grew up surrounded by shoes. Her father designed practical sports shoes, which inspired her to create her own brand creating shoes “fit for a princess.” We adore her elegant, sophisticated full of luxurious detailing. Aruna Seth’s mission is “design glamorous shoes designed to elongate the legs whilst maintaining the luxury of comfort, irrespective of the heel size.” You beautiful brides will look stunning in an incredible pair of Aruna Seth shoes from her newest Pearl and Diamonds collection!

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