The Perfect Nashville Bachelorette Weekend


Nashville has become one of the top bachelorette destinations in the country, and we know brides and their gals want to make the most of their Nashville experience when traveling to this sweet city full of Southern charm. You may be planning the ultimate Nashville weekend trip and have no idea where to start. This is where Luxury Bachelorette comes in, a new bachelorette planning business who loves to show bachelorettes how to fully experience Nashville. “We get excited to wear the hats of party planner, travel agent and concierge all at once, and our combined hospitality and event experience spans more than a decade. Our goal is to take the pressure off of the planning stages so the group can arrive ready to relax and have fun.”



The bachelorette experience has completely changed from spending a few hours downtown with your best friends to a full weekend (or longer) trip to a fun city. The maid of honor or a bridesmaid is typically given the duty to plan an unforgettable weekend for the bachelorette, which can be a tough feat, especially when traveling to a new city! Luxury Bachelorette is your go-to contact to make sure your bachelorette weekend is amazing and full of fun adventure, including travel planning, restaurant reservations, airbnb decoration, and even grocery delivery! Each group is also given a custom itinerary to ease all of the last-minute stress! All booking can easily be done online, perfect for the busy maid of honor or bridesmaids planning the perfect Nashville getaway.



“But our main differentiator as a company is the unique, upscale services we provide to make the weekend truly special. These can range from a simple welcome cocktail hour, or morning donut delivery, all the way up to limousine service, a private cowboy boot fitting or our signature Champagne Bathtub (a real clawfoot bathtub delivered and piled high with 20 bottles of champagne on ice). We even have a few handsome singer-songwriters that will come serenade the group in private. We love to create a unique experience that groups will remember for years to come.”



Luxury Bachelorette is a completely unique bachelorette planning service that can be easily accessed all over the country. Owners, Lisa Field and Erin Pangerl, have over a decade of experience in the wedding industry and know what it takes to have that phenomenal bachelorette experience in Nashville. We try to give our services a broad, universal appeal and our marketing reach is nationwide. Although we focus on higher-end services, our custom weekends are quoted as a per-person cost, which keeps the tab low for each individual girl and allows the group to have more collective fun.”


Nashville is the perfect location for a bachelorette getaway for many reasons, including the central location, the charm throughout the entire city, the fun music scene, nightlife, outdoor activities, and incredible restaurants. “We’re such a warm and welcoming city and I think there’s a little something for everyone here. At Luxury Bachelorette, our concierges know the best of Nashville. Whether its brunch or a hiking trail or dancing all night long we’ve tried all of the best spots and only recommend the things we love. Our experiences are curated and our groups seem to appreciate the authenticity of the fabulous weekends we create.”

Here are some fabulous services that Luxury Bachelorette Can Offer:

Private Chef

Champagne Bathtub

Champagne/Mimosa Service

Spa Day

Flower Crown Classes

Jack Daniel’s Distillery


Welcome Cocktail Hour

Black Car Service

Private Cowboy Boot Fitting

Private Nashville Music Performance


House Decoration

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