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Nashville is a city of many ventures. In most recent decades, Nashville is now known as a foodie destination. Nashville is also regarded as a town for destination weddings. Chef’s Market caters to the specific demands of a bride and groom to host an entire wedding reception. Owner of Chef’s Market, Jim Hagy, discusses current trends as well as how catering trends have developed since the inception of Chef’s Market.



Most of the population is now more health-conscious than ever. “This is something that we’ve been noticing for quite some time now. Every menu we create for our clients includes delicious options suited for guests with unique needs,” Jim describes. Dietary requests, such as paleo, gluten free, lactose free, organic, and vegan, are seen as a fun challenge to the Chef’s Market team. 


Jim Hagy is seeing many couples continue to personalize the menu to the ceremony. “They are forgoing packaged menus that reflect the chef’s style in favor of a more tailored offering that speak to something special in their relationship.” While the standard tradition of a wedding cake can never be replaced, many couples are now offering mini-desserts for guests at the reception. “Our dark chocolate cake bite truffles over champagne and bourbon shots are incredibly popular delights that keep the party going.”


Aside from adventurous cuisine, Jim Hagy has solid advice for couples looking to book a caterer; a caterer will be one of the most important vendors a couple will deal with, so consider their personality and professionalism. You’ll want to ask questions about the service they provide. What is their server-to-guest ratio? Do they use a staffing service, or do they use their inside team? If so, do they have a training program? At the end of the day, full-service catering is more than just delivering food. The quality of the food is certainly one of the most important aspects.


The Chef’s Market catering side is flourishing, but many people do not realize they can enjoy a meal in the restaurant in town. The restaurant and catering service offer the best culinary experience to clients and customers, but each have a tailored way of delivery. “The restaurant gives us the opportunity to test and refine new recipes and innovative cuisine before important events. Catering is where we are able to play with presentation, portions, and pairings. Both teams work together to share ideas and make sure each are at the top of their game.” 

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Written by Taylor Gee

Contributing Writer | Jim Hagy of Chef’s Market

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