Parisian Style Guide for the Minimal Bride


Paris has long been the iconic inspiration for all things fashion, including elegant, unique bridal gowns. If you are a lover of Parisian style, then you will adore incredible bridal salon, The Mews, who recently shared their insight on beautiful bridal fashion. The Mews is led by wonderful mother and daughter duo, Gail and Lauren, who have brought a breath of fresh air to the bridal world with their elegant eye for detail and passion for stunning wedding gowns. Parisian style is all about effortless beauty. The Mews gives every bride the opportunity to experience the ‘je ne sais quoi’ they are looking for when shopping for a unique, effortless wedding dress, such as these perfectly Parisian gowns from Delphine Manivet, Donatelle Godart, and Margaux Tardits.

Delphine Manivet: 







These stunning designers truly capture Parisian style with minimal detailing and modern silhouettes. Delphine Manivet is a fabulous bridal designers who creates gowns that exude grace and modern detailing. Her collection showcases femininity that will show off the natural beauty of every bride. Donatelle Godart gowns are perfect for the bohemian bride with vintage inspiration from the 1970’s. “With fluid and willowy silhouettes, the dresses reveal the element of mystery that every bride yearns for.” Margaux Tardits is a fabulous designer who bring a couture elegance to her designs. Margaux Tardit’s dresses are created with lightweight, ehtereal fabrics, like chiffon and Calais lace.

Donatelle Godart:






From your wedding dress to hairstyle to accessories, the Parisian style is minimal. Parisian brides also wear natural makeup looks, and bridal gowns are sometimes worn with ballet flats or strappy sandals that can be taken off after the wedding ceremony. Parisian brides also bring their personal style into their wedding day look rather than basing the look off of tradition. The Parisian wedding is low-stress with a focus on the fun, party element of the day. “Rather than viewing their big day as a complex production, French people simply see it as a day of celebration of love amongst family and friends—the majority of Parisians prefer to skip the city chaos and venture into the countryside.”

Margaux Tardits:







Images and Inspiration | The Mews

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