The Loveliness of Lace


The fairytale-like gowns from incredible design house, Olvi’s, are purely inspired by founder Olga Yermoloff’s passion for lace. After Olga fell in love with a beautiful lace dress in a small vintage store, Olvi’s was born. Her passion for lace could not be denied and each gorgeous design reflects Olga’s love for music, art, and of course, lace. Olvi’s is headquartered in the Netherlands and features beautiful fantasy-like and whimsical-meets-bohemian gowns. These gorgeous dresses are made of your bohemian wedding dreams. “What triggered me the most was combining vintage elements and contemporary design to create beautiful and feminine clothing with a soul.”





The beauty and art of the lace and fabrics used in Olvi’s designs are Olga’s strength and passion. “I want to put the romantic soul of the lace into the design, making it much more than a dress.” Olga, a musician herself, is heavily inspired by music, art, nature, and vintage dresses when designing her whimsical creations. Every Olvi’s design is made from fine French stretch lace and has a unique lace pattern, the Olvi’s flower. The French stretch lace creates the perfect fit and ultimate comfort. It is flexible, flattering, and accentuates feminine curves in a stylish and fashionable way. The lace is elegant, delicate, sophisticated, and gives a vintage touch to an individual look. You will feel and look absolutely beautiful wearing a magical Olvi’s gown on your wedding day.





The art of designing gorgeous bridal gowns from lace takes a lot of time and attention. “The craft of lace making is an old and complex one and dates back from once upon a time.” Many royal wedding gowns are designed from lace. It can take a team of twenty-three designers to create the lace for a gorgeous royal wedding gown. Does Pippa Middleton’s gorgeous wedding dress come to mind? “We pay the same attention to the dresses of our self-made princesses.” Get Pippa Middleton’s royal look with Olvi’s whimsical wedding gowns.






Images | CLD PR

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