Custom Bridal Workouts


Many brides choose to commit to a workout plan before the big day to feel amazing, confident, and gorgeous as they walk down the aisle. We are excited to share an incredible workout plan for you brides-to-be that is tailored to the type of dress that you will be wearing. Jill Penfold, creator of  L.A. Bride Bodyfound a niche in the bridal market and created the only training program specifically for brides. The circuits were created to sculpt and tone the entire body with an emphasis on what will be exposed by your gown. 

Designed specifically for the bride-to-be, the ‘L.A. Bride Body Transformation System’ is a simple, downloadable training program designed to help sculpt and tone the parts of the body accentuated by a wedding gown. The program takes twelve weeks and will guide you through each workout. Depending on the specific area of the body that needs the most attention, the bride can choose from backless or sleeveless programs. 


The Sleeveless Program

This program is dedicated to sculpting and toning the arms, shoulders and upper back. Using small 2-5 pound dumbbells, the program guides you through resistance training, targeting the biceps/triceps and muscles of the shoulders and upper back. The program will take you from start to finish and lead you to a healthier and happier lifestyle. After hundreds of brides tried these exercises, the program showed consistent results that will make you feel confident and beautiful on your wedding day.

The Backless Program

A backless gown is a stunning choice for your wedding gown. Of course, you will want to fit into your gown effortlessly and have the ability to enjoy your wedding day without feeling restricted in your dress. The L.A. Bride Body Program will tone and strengthen the muscles in the back and tighten up any areas with an amazing nutrition guide that will help you lose weight through healthy food choices. The exercises chosen are specific to the areas that most women are concerned about. Some women need to decrease the size of their back in order for the gown to be smooth and contouring. The workouts target certain areas but also offer total body fitness with high intensity interval training. 


All of Jill Penfold’s brides have had amazing results from the L.A. Bride Body program. Choose a program tailor-made for you to make you feel your absolute best on your special day! We know you will look and feel absolutely stunning walking down the aisle.

“I have never looked so amazing in my LIFE!! I have always been active- doing ballet, hiking, CrossFit, kickboxing, yoga etc but it wasnt until I paired up with Jill and L.A. Bride Body that I had the body of my dreams- quite literally. 6 pack, defined arms, toned legs, my back was sculpted and feminine. I was so happy the day of my wedding to slip into my dress and prance around showing off my back and arms. Then again, to wearing nothing/a bathing suit during my honeymoon. I felt amazing. I looked amazing.”- Kim B

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