Delicious Appetizers for a Beautiful Cocktail Hour


The cocktail hour is the perfect opportunity for your friends and family to meet, mingle, and enjoy some delicious treats before dancing the night away at your reception. We recently spoke with Cheryl Angelo, Culinary Manager from Bill Hansen Catering, about delicious options for a cocktail hour that your wedding guests will rave about.



Cheryl Angelo recommends serving about 6-8 options of appetizers during your cocktail hour. Of course, this will depend on the number of wedding guests, but 6-8 different choices will offer guests plenty of delicious options. It is also a good idea to bring creativity into the dishes. Creativity can be in the form of presentation as well as ingredients. Some delicious, creative options from Bill Hansen Catering include the Lobster PB&J and the Coffee and Eggs (a coffee crusted ribeye and goat cheese frittata).



Some of Cheryl Angelo’s favorite appetizers for a cocktail hour are those that are satisfying to the palate as well as those that include fresh and organic ingredients that are creatively presented. “One of my favorites is our Seared Scallop & Gulf Shrimp with Lime Aioli on a Rosemary Sprig Skewer served on a sea shell.” This beautiful dish is equally delicious and visually appealing.



For 2017 weddings, couples are loving the farm to table trend for their appetizers. Bill Hansen Catering loves serving local, fresh ingredients, such as Florida Yellowtail Snapper Ceviche with Miami Orange, Local Chives, and Crisp Yucca Chips. They also love serving their Pizette of Goat Cheese with Marinated Tomato, Micro Arugula, Caramelized Onion, and Locally Cured Prosciutto.



If you are thinking about serving some festive drinks that compliment the appetizers, Cheryl Angelo recommends having a couple of fan favorites available as well as a few appetizers that compliment the cocktails to enhance your guests’ wedding experience.


With these beautiful, delicious dishes from Bill Hansen Catering, we know your cocktail hour is going to be a huge success! Your wedding guests will love trying these incredible appetizers while spending time with one another.

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