Downtown Nashville Surprise Proposal


Couples are choosing to document their marriage proposals more and more often, and we love the pure excitement captured in each beautiful, live photo. Jay Farrell Photography had the opportunity to document this beautiful proposal in downtown Nashville for adorable couple, Bryce and Lindsey. Each image captures the natural excitement shared between Bryce and Lindsey during this blissful moment of their lives.





Bryce brilliantly planned the documented proposal. He planned to visit Nashville with Lindsey and propose during their trip. Bryce contacted Jay Farrell Photography, who is an expert at capturing organic, natural moments, so Bryce picked an excellent photographer to capture this experience.





Lindsey was completely surprised. She had no idea that Bryce was going to propose in Nashville, or that Jay Farrell Photography had been involved at all. She was thrilled that the proposal would be documented and that she could relive this amazing day for years to come.




Lindsey and Bryce met in high school and dated until beginning college. They decided to part ways and  focus on their studies instead of a long distance relationship. However, fate brought these two lovebirds back together. Their love was meant to be! After dating other people during college, Lindsey and Bryce knew that they couldn’t be apart. They got back together and are completely inseparable. Their happiness shines in each photo!



Bryce and Lindsey’s downtown Nashville proposal was Jay Farrell Photography’s third live marriage proposal. “I loved meeting them and working with them, seeing how deeply connected they are as a couple. The photos don’t lie. This is a life changing once in a lifetime event for them, I was honored to be chosen to document it.” – Jay Farrell Photography

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