Stand Out on Your Wedding Day with a Gemy Maalouf Gown

You only get one wedding dress so make sure it says something about your personality. Go all out! Wear something unforgettable! Have fun picking out the perfect dress! Gemy Maalouf‘s Bridal 2017 Collection is perfect for the outgoing bride. Stepping away from traditional ideas of bridal fashion, the collection combines sophistication and interpretation.

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Gemy Maalouf wedding gowns are for the fashion-forward bride. Classic and traditional tulle skirts, strapless bodices, and trumpet gowns have been reinvented and are more stunning because of that. Putting contrasting fabrics together and adding an unusual slit makes these wedding gowns stand out and will make you stand out on the biggest day of your life.

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Gemy Maalouf always knew she wanted to be a designer. She focused her passion into creating beautiful high-end formal wear for young and modern women. Keeping up-to-date with all of the latest trends each of her gowns tell a story, and her newest bridal collection is truly inspirational. Visit her website to find out how you can become a Gemy Maalouf bride.




Images | Gemy Maalouf


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