Why You Need a Professional Florist on Your Wedding Day


As is everything with wedding planning, there is more to choosing your wedding flowers than you may first think. Luckily, there are many professional florists who know what details to worry about so you can have a stress-free day. One florist in Nashville who has mastered wedding bouquets and wedding flowers is Laurel and Leaf. With high-quality flowers and amazing customer service, Laurel and Leaf knows how to pull together a stunning bouquet.


The first thing Laurel and Leaf does when meeting with a bride is find out what her overall vision is. The overall vision is bigger than what colors and style she likes and takes into account what mood and intimacy she wants to create on her wedding day. Personalizing your wedding to say something about you is more special and memorable than creating a perfect Pinterest board wedding.


While you may think you want a simple bouquet for your wedding, Laurel and Leaf can tell you there is nothing simple about a wedding bouquet. The flowers need to receive the right treatment so they won’t wilt. They need to be arranged so they can be easily held and so they stay together. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes and getting a professional to take care of everything will help ease some of the worry and stress that comes with your wedding day.


When Laurel and Leaf picks out wedding flowers, they look for the freshest flowers they can find with the bride’s budget. They also take time to meet with the bride face-to-face to get as much information about the wedding as possible. If you want a unique bouquet that will capture your love and also stay within your price range, Laurel and Leaf is the way to go.


Images provided by Laurel and Leaf


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