Trending Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Just Save the Date shared with us what’s trending in ceremony decorations for indoor and outdoor weddings, and this year, brides have more options than ever when designing their special day. You can hang your florals from the ceiling rather than arranging them on the ground. You can even seat your guests in a circle instead of the traditional rows of chairs. Check out some of our favorite trends below.


Image | Concept Photography


Image | Studio Julie Photography

For indoor ceremonies, brides are incorporating more candles and simple arrangements into their decor. Opting out of big arrangements, adding soft and romantic touches here and there will make your ceremony decor look sophisticated and elegant. You can also add a little fabric and draping to create a whimsical and romantic room. Another way to decorate your indoor ceremony, if the space around the alter is tight, is to add a chandelier or elevated floral arrangement above the bride and groom.


Image | Madison Hope Photography


Image | Maggie Stolzberg Photography

For outdoor ceremonies, brides are again going for a more simplified look. Using natural looking rough sticks and bamboo, or driftwood arches at the alter lets the beauty of the location shine through. These pair nicely with shimmering glass pieces and lanterns, which can be bunched at the alter or used to line the aisle.


Image | Maloman Studios


Image | Emma Hoyt Lowrey

Finally, a trend that can be used for an indoor and outdoor ceremony is creative seating. Having your guests sit on benches will give your wedding a unique look while still keeping the overall feel classic. You can also try seating your guests in a circle around the alter. This unexpected seating arrangement may be just what your venue needs and will look amazing in your wedding pictures.

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