Art & Taste – Wedding Cake Trends

For the latest Middle Tennessee issue of Enchanted Brides, we asked Nashville wedding cake designers to present to us their favorite wedding cakes. The cakes below are beautiful and also quite delicious! If you’re starting to think about what kind of cake you want to have at your wedding, be sure to check out these local cake designers.


By: The Frosted Affair
Name: Couture Ruffles
Icing: Fondarific buttercream fondant
Filling: Almond cake with alternating filling layers of raspberry and vanilla buttercream
Servings: 130


By: The Cupcake Collection
Name: Music to Your Mouth
Icing: Dark chocolate buttercream
Filling: Dark chocolate mousse
Servings: 140


By: Dessert Designs
Name: I Love Caramel in the Springtime, Summer, Fall, and Winter
Icing: Caramel
Filling: Sour cream and truffle
Servings: 150


Cake Topper
By: Whiskey Teacup
Name: Rock Solid Love
Finish: Stone
Size: 2 feet

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Images | Nikki Hollis Photography

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