The Perfect Ring for The Perfect Man

A lot of time goes into picking out the perfect engagement ring. A bride deserves a ring that shines as bright as her and selecting the perfect ring is one way for her to know how much you care. We think the same consideration should go into choosing the groom’s wedding band. He is going to wear that ring the rest of his life and it should be just as amazing as he is. Triton, a division of Frederick Goldman, Inc. is making their debut in luxury jewelry for men. 



The new collection, TritonRAW, has the perfect wedding band for a fashionable man, and the perfect gift for your groom. TritonRAW offers rings, necklaces and bracelets in three forms of metal: RAW Shine, RAW Gold and Pure RAW. The collection features linear hard edges and smooth structures in an elegant matte finish. TritonRAW rings are sleek, clean, rugged and sophisticated, and perfect for the modern man.



“For the first TritonRAW collection we present a bold and sophisticated approach to our complex metal,” reveals Robin Scheer Ettinger, Chief Marketing Officer for Frederick Goldman, Inc. “As the newest platform for our jewelry, TrtionRAW takes TRITON beyond the wedding band by exploring style in its rawest form.”



TritonRAW also has two pendants, a classic cross and tag silhouette, and a leather banded ID bracelet if you want to give your groom a little something extra on the most important day of your lives. Combining minimalistic design and luxurious metals, this collection has just what your man needs. TritonRAW is now available in select Macy‘s stores and independent jewelry stores. You can also view the entire collection on their website.



Images provided by Steinreich Communications Group, Inc.



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