How to Have an Elegant Barn Wedding


It is officially fall, which means in Tennessee a lot of weddings are moving inside to barns. Having your wedding on a farm or vineyard allows you to get creative and have fun with the style and decor you choose. Barns are a blank slate that you can fill with whatever colors and style you want. We spoke with Grand Central Party Rental to find out how you can dress up your barn and have the elegant wedding you’ve always wanted.


One area you can put a lot of thought into for your barn wedding is your rentals. The tables, chairs and linens you pick set the tone for the rest of the decorations. One piece of furniture that looks grand and majestic in a barn is a farmwood table. Farmwood tables can be used for the cake table, gift table, and also looks great as the bride and groom’s table. To keep the glamour going you can pair a farmwood table with a crossback or chiavari chair.


To add a little bit of flair to your farmwood table, lay a table runner down the middle. Adding a shimmering beige table runner will help tie in the warm glow of your lighting and give the room a more completed feel. A chic beige table runner will also look great sitting next to beautiful china dishes.


Another way to give your barn a romantic and classy feel is to hang drapes or chandeliers from the rafters. Some great ways to hang drapes is to do long runs down the middle of the barn, or have the drapes gather in the middle and hang down on all sides. For lighting, it’s fun to mix vintage chandeliers with stringed lights and create multiple layers of lights. You can also use uplighting on the sides to change the colors of the wall in the barn. By implementing a few of these design ideas into your wedding decor, you can have the intimate, elegant wedding of your dreams.


Images | Provided by Grand Central Party Rental

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