Capturing Romance


The perfect bridal portrait is on every brides photo list. But making time to capture all the intimate and romantic moments between a bride and groom can be a difficult task on the wedding day. So, what is the solution? Plan to schedule a time after the wedding day with your photographer to spend a day capturing the magic between you and your groom through photography.



Scheduling a bridal portrait after the wedding date is a great opportunity for a bride and groom to dress back up in their wedding attire. You will be able to choose a date where you and your groom will be stress free of the wedding day timeline. This is your moment to relax and create beautiful and memorable wedding images that you will cherish and share with loved ones for years to come.



As you plan your bridal portrait session with your photographer take time to research a location that would be the perfect setting for a beautiful and romantic photo session. The location is the backdrop to every image. Be creative and think outside the box when scouting for your bridal portrait location. 



The backdrop to this bridal portrait session is Headlines at Nashvilles Hotel Indigo. The sophistication and elegances of the venue are the elements that set the tone for this photo session. There are so many unique areas to capture the perfect bridal portrait. When creating a bridal photo album, it is so important to take the time in locating areas in the venue where your photographer can capture that special moment between you and your groom.



When planning your wedding bridal portrait, always keep in mind to relax and have fun creating new memories with your groom. Capturing the perfect wedding portrait is only a snap away!




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Photography by Levon Mkrtchyan of Levon Photography

Creative Design and Décor by Joan Presley of Genys Flowers & Bridal

Headlines at the Hotel Indigo

Bridal Gown by Daniel Thompson provided by Genys Flowers & Bridal

Formalwear provided by Street Tuxedo

Makeup and Hair Stylist: Harper & Olive

Models: Stephanie and Taylor Harmon


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