The Ingredient-Conscious Wedding Menu

Many couples are focusing on healthier lifestyles and healthier eating habits, including gluten-free diets, vegan diets, and they want to know exactly where their food is coming from. We recently spoke with Debbie Valentine of Corner Catering about the modern wedding menu, and how to create beautiful wedding menus for those who are health and ingredient-conscious.


Menus designed for ingredient-conscious couples allow catering companies to be more creative in their menu development. Nashville offers some wonderful local ingredients, like fresh vegetables, local cheeses, meats, and local beers that can be incorporated into the wedding menu for a fun, local flavor.


Corner Catering believes that the wedding menu should reflect the personality and lifestyle of the couple and the life that they share. For example, Corner Catering recently worked with a couple who met in Nashville during college. The groom was an agriculture major and the bride studied dietary health. Because the couple had a passion for organic, nutritious ingredients, they wanted their wedding meal to reflect this. Corner Catering planned a farm to table menu with the couple, and also involved friends of the couple who were organic farmers.  


Corner Catering always tries to incorporate options for all types of people, including hors doeuvres that have a veggie option, and a beef or chicken option. They also offer seafood options to make sure there is truly something for everyone during the wedding dinner. Corner Catering said that a great way to have options for all types of people is through food stations and mini menus.I love the option of stations which can lend itself to be really creative, and have options for all types of foods. Food trucks can also provide variety and give a sense of fun and excitement to the wedding.


The rise of ingredient-conscious people and couples has made a healthier shift towards food choices, which is reflected in the modern wedding menu. Corner Catering loves bringing this passion to life through delicious options for those who are gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, or may request a farm to table dinner full of fresh, organic ingredients. Go ahead and let your personality shine through your 2016 ingredient-conscious wedding menu!


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Written by Olivia Bricen

Contributing Writer Debbie Valentine of Corner Catering

Photography by Ace Photography

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