Menu Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

The food you serve at your reception should be a representation of who you are while also incorporating the style of your wedding. Because there are so many approaches to serving food, we spoke with Catering and Events by Suzette to give you some tips on choosing your wedding meal.



If you want to go with a pick what you want buffet style reception, a lot of couples are choosing to go with action stations. Action stations allow your guests to connect with each other and the food is easier to access than standing in long buffet lines. It’s also important to serve at least two meat options and several vegetarian options so all of your guests can create a complete meal.




Chef stations are a great choice if you want to prepare fresh food at your reception. Your guests can be entertained while their food is being prepared, and these stations can be as simple or creative as you want. For an indoor reception you can freshly sauté meats and vegetables. For an outdoor wedding you can have a grill station where the chef prepares sliders, barbecue, or soup.



If you want to have a cocktail party reception, hand-held soups are a great choice for the quickly approaching fall and winter season. It’s important to serve food that is easy to eat and hold while your guests walk around and engage with each other.




If you don’t want to serve a full meal at your reception, you can choose to serve small, finger foods instead. Charcuterie Boards are excellent for this and can be filled with delicious smoked meats and cheeses. You can accompany this with plates of fruits and vegetables. If you do serve smaller foods try to keep your menu diverse and bring in lots of flavor to your dishes.



Lastly, if you want to serve a classic sit-down dinner at your reception think about serving an appetizer and salad before the entrée. In addition to your meat, sides like roasted red potatoes and fresh vegetables are great choices when serving a large crowd.


Images | Catering and Events by Suzette

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