Popular Wedding Hairstyles for 2016


You have to take a lot into consideration when deciding how to style your hair on your wedding day. Is the back of the wedding dress absolutely stunning that you just have to show it off? Do you want to go for a completely new look or do something you know you look good with? Do you want to wear something in your hair like a veil or maybe a flower crown? MHD Beauty shared with us some popular wedding hairstyles whether you have long or short hair, or are thinking of wearing your hair up or down.


With long hair you have a lot of flexibility and a vast selection of styles to choose from when deciding what hairstyle you want to rock on your big day. A popular trend if you want to put your long locks up is effortless-looking texturized updos. This style is great for the summer because you don’t have to worry about frizz or the humidity shifting the style throughout the day. If you want to leave your hair down, again a lot of brides are going for a more effortless and natural look. However, keep in mind if you do leave your hair down to pull some pieces away from your face for the photographs. You can do this by placing some hair behind your ear or clipping a few small braids up in a decorative barrette.


If you have shorter hair and want to leave it down, MHD Beauty suggests styling your hair in a slightly elevated version of how you normally wear it. Relaxed waves with the sides pinned back will keep you looking stunning the entire day. If you want to put your short hair up, again keep your hair relaxed but add in some large braids.


Ultimately, you should feel comfortable with whatever hairstyle you choose. If a certain style you like is just too different from how you normally style your hair, compromise and go with a style you will feel confident in all day. This is the most important day of your life and you need to feel radiant when you walk down the aisle.



Images | MHD Beauty

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