The Summer Nashville Wedding Menu

When it comes to summer wedding menu options, trends all over the board in Nashville! We recently spoke with Debbie Valentine from Corner Catering about delicious, fun ideas for your summer Nashville wedding, and we know you will love these unique, tasty options!


Summer weddings are all about freshness and excitement. Some of Corner Catering’s favorite summer trends this season are food trucks, family style dinners, chef-manned appetizer stations, craft beer pairings opposed to wine pairings, locally grown produce, local cheeses, and small meals. Themed wedding menus are also a big hit this summer from Great Gatsby themed menus to breakfast for dinner menus! Some great ideas for a breakfast menu include pancake bars, waffle bars, and biscuit bars.


Couples are loving the small, mini meal trend. They incorporate ingredients that are meaningful to their relationship, making the wedding menu more personal and special. “For instance, I have a bride and groom who used to meet halfway to see each other. They went to the same restaurant every time and had shrimp and grits and bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers. You can’t go wrong with anything wrapped in bacon, so we made mini bite size meals out of them.”


Some extremely popular options that are unique to Nashville include hot chicken and waffles, pulled pork sliders, and macaroni and cheese. Comfort wedding foods will always be a tradition in the south, making Nashville weddings truly special. For those of you who want to serve more light dishes, summer salads with fresh fruit and locally made cheeses are beautiful at a summer southern wedding. We also love Corner Catering’s honey lime marinated chicken with coconut rice for a summer option. This dish gives such a summer feel to a beautiful Nashville wedding.


We love these fresh, innovative options for your summer wedding in Middle Tennessee. Don’t be afraid to be as unique as you want in your wedding menu; 2016 is all about personalization and customization! Whether you want to have food trucks or breakfast for dinner, the wedding menu is completely up to you! We can’t wait to see your beautiful 2016 wedding menus.

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