Top Destination Spot: Saint Lucia

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Having a destination wedding or honeymoon is such a beautiful way to have a relaxing, unforgettable experience in paradise. We recently spoke with 2 Travel Anywhere about a gorgeous destination hotspot for those of you planning a wonderful destination wedding or a tropical honeymoon. 2 Travel Anywhere loves Saint Lucia. Its year-round beautiful weather, gorgeous views, and opportunities for exciting activities and/or relaxation makes it the perfect location for your wedding or honeymoon.


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Saint Lucia is a gorgeous tropical rainforest. “1,800 feet above sea level awaits a true tropical rainforest—19,000 acres filled with vivid flowering vines, luxuriant greenery, approximately 30 species of birds, and a whole menagerie of spectacular fauna. And, with 29 miles of trails running through this cornucopia of natural wonders, you can completely immerse yourself in the very soul of this remarkable environment. Indulge in one of the guided tours of the rainforest and treat yourself to an experience you will treasure forever.”

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2 Travel Anywhere mentions that the ride from the airport to the Sandals Resort in Saint Lucia is just 90 minutes, but they recommend experiencing the helicopter ride to paradise. “I recommend upgrading to the helicopter transportation to be at your resort in just 15 minutes. You get to see the island from the helicopter: banana plantations, waterfalls, rainforests, and the overall beauty of the island!”

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If you are a couple who loves adventurous activities, the opportunities are endless in Saint Lucia. With golf, hiking, scuba diving, catamaran cruises, sunset cruises, waterfalls, volcanoes, mud baths, zip lining, and so much more, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy!

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 Saint Lucia is also one of top sites in the world for whale watching. “Every year over 20 species of whales are sighted from this island’s pristine shores. From humpback, pilot and sperm whales to spinning and spotted dolphins, you too can observe these colossal mammals as they cavort and frolic in their natural habitat, drawn, just as we are, by the almost mystical call of Saint Lucia.”

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If you are searching for the perfect location for a tropical destination wedding or honeymoon in paradise, then Saint Lucia is for you! You will love the endless opportunities for fun or relaxation. Saint Lucia is perfect for every couple whether you are adventurous and daring or want to soak up the sun as newlyweds!

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