Jennifer & Lane


Jennifer and Lane’s love story all started with a couple of lines of computer code. Jennifer was a teaching assistant at the University of Central Florida for a computer programming class and Lane was one of her students. His all-caps handwriting caught her eye when she was grading exams. The next semester, Jennifer was in a physics class looking for people to study with. She spotted someone a few rows back and invited him to sit next to her, who she realized was Lane! They later drifted apart until one sunny afternoon when fate brought them together outside the engineering building on campus. Lane asked Jennifer out before she could slip away again.



Lane wanted to wait for the perfect moment to propose. He had been talking to Jennifer about going back to the exact courtyard at UCF where he asked her out. Knowing her boyfriend well, Jennifer had a feeling that this would be the perfect opportunity to propose. As they waited on their bags to be delivered to their hotel room in Florida, Lane slipped away and Jennifer admired the view outside. She was reading the list of amenities at the hotel, looked up, and Lane was just a few inches from her holding out the ring. She said yes immediately!




Jennifer and Lane had a beautiful first look. She could see the smile on his face and all the worry faded away. It was finally the day. This was their moment and from there on out they were in this together. However, Lane was on pins and needles. Jennifer was running late through hair and makeup. In a world where the nature of relationships change, it wasn’t outside the realm of possibility to him that she had changed her mind. However, Jennifer tapped his shoulder lightly and told him to turn around. They loved each other and no matter what the day held in store for them, they were in it together. That was what mattered.




The ceremony and reception were inspired by modern vintage decor. The couple did not want to follow the Key West island wedding trends that many couples choose, and wanted a rustic feel instead. The ceremony had lanterns and succulents that flanked the wedding arch at the front of the Gazebo. For the reception, Lane and Jennifer spray painted their names on a rustic mirror. Instead of a guestbook, they opted for postcards that guests could write on to compliment their destination wedding theme. The tables were decorated with driftwood and lanterns that balanced nicely with the lilac and mint color scheme.





Jennifer wanted to walk down the aisle to a song that meant a lot to her and her relationship with Lane, Nul Sarang Ha Get Suh, a Korean song known as the “Wedding Song.” Lane had a few more semesters left after Jennifer graduated, and she thought that once she left UCF they would never see each other again. She moved for her first job and sent Lane a picture of herself with the words on the back: “Nul Sarang Ha Get Suh.” Lane immediately knew what it meant: “I will always love you.” It was the phrase that kept them together. They refused to give up on each other no matter what. She repeated those words back to him through the toughest of times until he graduated and they were together again.




“Jennifer mouthed thanks to the harpist as she played and tears rolled down her face. No matter how hard it may have been to not see each other for a year as he finished school, they had fate on their side. It was exactly what she wanted to hear at the wedding – a constant reassurance to each other that they will always love each other.” Jennifer and Lane tied the knot amongst family and friends after years spent drifting apart and finding each other again. They celebrated their love and had the modern vintage wedding of their dreams.




Wedding Planning | Just Save the Date

Photography | Twist of Fate Imagery

Venue & Catering | The Reach Waldorf Astoria

Invitations | Paradise Papers

Harpist | Robin Kaplan

Florist | Milan Event

Officiant | Aaron Wechter

Hair & Makeup | Beauty Boutique

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