Styling Your Maid of Honor


Sister design duo, Valerie and Stephanie Chin of Val Stefani and Moonlight Bridal, know a thing or two about sister dynamics, especially when it comes to achieving the perfect wedding day look. Many brides want their sister/maid of honor to stand out and look just as special as the bride herself on the altar. Valerie and Stephanie have wonderful tips for all brides to know when it comes to styling the maid of honor! We are so excited to share these inspiring tips and beautiful gowns with you fabulous brides and maids of honor for your flawless wedding day looks.







Many maids of honor wear something different than the rest of the bridal party. A great way to showcase your maid of honor is to choose either a slightly different, but still complimentary color to the bridal party than the rest of the bridesmaids. Another option is to keep all of the dresses the same color, but choose a different neckline for your maid of honor. If you want everyone to wear the same style, an option is to choose different accessories and have your maid of honor wear a sparkly sash or carry a bouquet with slightly different flowers than your other bridesmaids.









A beautiful headpiece is another nice way of showcasing your maid of honor. This should not be too overwhelming and should match the rest of the aesthetic of the wedding. If you are having a garden or rustic wedding, then a small floral crown or a double braided crown with a small floral tiara would be beautiful. The maid of honor can still shine and look gorgeous without being distracting.







The bride should always want her maid of honor to look her absolute best. Finding a dress that looks good on every body shape can be difficult, but the bride can be mindful of concerns that her maid of honor might have with different dress designs and styles. If you or your maid of honor have a short waistline, you will want to wear a dress with a drop waist or empire waist line. A silhouette that is generally flattering on everyone is an A-line silhouette. Be sure to try different silhouettes to make sure your lovely maid of honor looks beautiful and feels comfortable! 






“As sisters who were each other’s MOH on our respective wedding days it was an amazing experience. We were each other’s support system who helped make the bride’s day as stress free as possible. We let each other decide what colors, fabrics, and styles they wanted the bridal party to wear and went with it. We were also each other’s support system on their big day whether that was making sure the bride ate before they walked down the aisle or helping to fluff our her train for pictures, to bustling her train before her first dance it was experience we would never forget.” – Valerie and Stephanie Chin

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