Be Bold and Beautiful with Marion Ayonote


If you are a bride who loves to make a fashion statement, you are going to love Marion Ayonote. This incredible designer draws inspiration from her childhood in Africa with passions for music, art and literature. Marion Aynote is well travelled and draws inspiration from her journeys and experiences, giving each of these designs a story to tell.


Marion Ayonote designs beautifully innovative and feminine footwear with unique designs that reflect the personalities, lifestyles and aspirations of 2016 brides. Her approach to design has been sought by individuals around the world keen to experience the creativity imbued in her work. Marion Ayonote’s strong attention to detail bring these modern, sophisticated shoes to life.


Marion Ayonote is an incredibly talented designer, being listed as one of the top 50 most influential female designers in the UK by the Design Association and having designed shoes for Miss World. She has also been nominated for Fashion Designer of the Year! Marion Ayonote’s shoes are designed in England and Italy and are available internationally. We know you lovely brides will feel like royalty walking down the aisle in these modern, fabulous shoes.


If you are a bride who loves pops of color and fun patterns, then these bold, beautiful shoes are for you! Many 2016 brides are incorporating fun colors and patterns into their wedding looks this year with their dresses and/or accessories. If you are looking for a fun, unique way to make a statement with your wedding day look, then get inspired by Marion Ayonote’s coveted collection of shoes loved by celebrities and fabulous women like you!



Images | CLD PR

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