Anglo Couture Bridal Accessories


We absolutely love Vicky Anglo’s latest collection, Anglo Couture. This collection is full of breathtaking bridal accessories that are unique, elegant, and versatile. We love these dreamy pieces that are vintage-inspired with a boho twist, perfect for today’s lovely brides. Anglo Couture by Vicky Anglo offers a beautiful range of pieces, including veils, headpieces, and lingerie for every bride.




These glamorous designs have a beautiful, vintage look that 2016 brides love while remaining elegant and timeless. Anglo Couture designs look amazing on any bride at any wedding location, whether you are having a beachside wedding or a lovely indoor wedding. The vintage-inspired pieces look gorgeous on a bride next to beautiful blue ocean waters or at a classic, elegant wedding.



Feel like a Grecian goddess in these stunning designs by genius designer, Vicky Anglo. Vicky was immersed in innovation and artistry as she grew up in Athens, Greece, surrounded by inspiration and beauty for her own bridal fashion line.




You deserve to feel absolutely beautiful on your wedding day, and Anglo Couture by Vicky Anglo will help create your dream wedding look. Each headpiece, veil, and lingerie design is created through innovation and personal collaboration. Vicky Anglo understands the importance of customization, and wants each bride’s personality to shine through her gorgeous designs.


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Images | CLD PR

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