Classic Cakes With A Twist


We love the idea of “options” for 2016 wedding cake trends, and the wonderful Cupcake Collection gave us the scoop on incorporating options and flavors for a delicious, unique wedding dessert experience. One way to include different options for your guests is the “cake buffet.” Instead of having one elaborate three tier cake, newlyweds are opting for a variety of single tier cakes of different flavors for guests to enjoy.


Another trend for 2016 wedding desserts includes choosing flavors of sentimental value, such as sweet potato, coconut creme, and pineapple upside down. These flavors may spark childhood memories and invite a sense of homemade comfort food into the wedding!

The Cupcake Collection’s signature vanilla almond cake is a classic flavor that has remained popular for years. However, couples want to share unique flavors that they love with their guests as well.  “So now you’re seeing more blackout (chocolate cupcake with chocolate mousse filling topped with chocolate butter cream and rolled in chocolate cupcake crumbs) instead of regular chocolate or strawberry cheesecake instead of strawberry.”


You may have the seen the adorable (and delicious) cupcake displays in place of the traditional wedding cake. Wedding cupcakes cut down the cost of the wedding dessert and take away cake cutting for guests, which is helpful for those of you planning large weddings! Cupcakes also present the invitation to explore a wide range of flavor options. If you still want to include that lovely cake cutting experience, opt for an 8″ cake topper to cut!

The Cupcake Collection mentions that weddings are returning to simplicity in regards to design and styling. Themes are gravitating towards rustic, classic, and elegance this year. Popular colors for 2016 wedding cakes are navy, mint, neutral shades (ivory, champagne, and blush), and the metallic family (gold, rose gold, and copper).

We love the incorporation of cupcakes and different flavors into the wedding dessert experience.  Chat with your cake designer about these lovely ideas for your 2016 wedding.

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