Lovely Spring Hairstyles

We love spring weddings in Middle Tennessee with gorgeous weather and beautiful blooms, but with warmer weather comes humidity and moisture, which can affect your wedding day look. We recently spoke with Brides by Mary about spring 2016 trends in hairstyling and great tips for you beautiful spring brides to beat the heat.

Springtime trends are very naturally beautiful with relaxed half up-do’s and beautiful spring flowers to enhance the look. This look has a romantic, elegant feel and looks gorgeous throughout the wedding day and into the night.



Brides by Mary recommends up-do’s for long hair, especially if the bride is wearing a strapless gown and has long hair, because the hair could become limp and lose its style if it is down. Of course, the best way to decide on your hairstyle is through a practice session with a stylist. “I highly recommend a practice session with your stylist. I can’t tell you how many times someone has had their heart set on a particular style, and after seeing themselves in it with veil and all, they completely change their mind to something totally different!”



Enjoy these incredible tips from Brides by Mary!

While springtime can bring beautiful flowers and 70 degree weather, it is also the season for flyaway and frizzy hair. These are some tips on dealing with spring weather’s most maddening effects on your hair.

Humidity: Spring influx of humid weather leaves hair flat and squelches even the most zealous efforts at styling. No matter what texture your hair has, this isn’t the time of year to force your tresses into an unnatural style. If you hair is curly, find a “do” that embraces your curls. If you have straighter hair that tends to curl up in humid weather, incorporate loose, light curls into your style.

Wind: Strong winds do shake the pretty pedals loose, not to mention creating some massive flyaways. Windy gusts grab at split ends and create the static look. Windy times call for hair accessories like headbands and cute clips, which are great for keeping your style.

Moisture: April showers can bring more than May flowers; they also add constantly-changing moisture levels in the air. This can be a problem because frizz is caused by hair trying to soak in moisture from the air. Chances are you will end up with a frizz problem at some point during springtime shifts in the weather. If you find that blow-drying makes your hair look frizzier, gently blot it dry with a towel instead.

Heat: Spring’s refreshing weather can also be cleverly disguised as a cause for hair havoc. This is because hot air opens the hair cuticle, which can lead to split ends, breakage, and gives a duller hair color appearance. To beat the heat, give your hair a blast of cool air using the cool setting on your hair dryer when you’re almost finished blow-drying your hair. Cool air closes the cuticle and seals in the moisture.



“Make sure you can see your face and eyes, and that you don’t have to fuss with the hair around your face. Be comfortable with the pins and add-ins for your style to avoid a headache. Rest assured that there will come the moment when you look in the mirror and you see yourself with the dress on and makeup done and you can’t stop looking at yourself and smiling; you have chosen the hairstyle for you and it is magical!”

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