The Art of Cake Design

As popular styles in cake design change throughout the years, talented cake designers create new, modern wedding cake designs each wedding season. We recently spoke with experienced and wonderful cake designer, Leland Riggan from Dessert Designs, about the evolving styles of cake designs as well as classic, timeless designs for a beautiful wedding cake.

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When Leland Riggan reflects upon the many styles of cake designs she has created, the ones that immediately stick out to her are the cakes in which she has poured the most thought and energy into while overcoming obstacles of gravity, weather extremes, or design intricacies. Many of these challenges may come from the bride herself as Leland copies a wedding dress pattern, a theme related to the reception location, a seasonal theme, or a request that the cake be six feet tall. Other designs that come to Leland’s mind have been inspired from a piece of art with gorgeous colors, a fountain with peaceful waters, or beautiful music.

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For 2016 weddings, Leland Riggan sees beautiful trends in design for this year’s wedding cakes. There is a continuation of natural looking cakes that are achieved by swirls of the spatula in soft fluffy icing, sometimes in curls, or diagonal, horizontal, or vertical stripes. The florist typically supplies the finishing touches, or the bride may choose a great topper.

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Art of Cake Design 2016

In the flavor department, we continue to fill the caramel craving of Nashville.”


Mixing different flavor cakes on each tier, or within the tier with complimentary flavors, is another ongoing trend for modern wedding cakes. Many brides have steered from fondant and continue to choose buttercream as their icing preference, especially when taste is the primary motivating factor.

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