Athena Bridal | SassB Collection


Do you love the glamor and elegance of the old Hollywood look? Athena Bridal Jewelry has the perfect collection of jewelry and accessories for the vintage loving bride, SassB.


The SassB collection is beautifully inspired by vintage and couture to create a gorgeous, nostalgic look for you beautiful brides. The lovely pieces from the SassB collection are perfect for the glam loving bride, and would be a beautiful element in your vintage wedding! The SassB collection would also look fabulous on you brides planning a 1920’s or Great Gatsby themed wedding!


Athena Bridal Jewelry has stunning pieces for you chic, vintage brides, including lovely jewelry, accessories, and gorgeous shrugs for that extra pop of glam! “As well as beautiful jewelry, the SassB collection includes fabulous, high quality, genuine marabou and ostrich feather shrugs all manufactured in the UK. Luxuriously feminine and romantic, these beautiful shrugs are breathtakingly glamorous.”




Check out the full SassB collection here!

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