Winter Fashion: Classic Gentleman


When Winter settles its way in, fashion becomes a little more sleek, chic, and elegant. This applies to wedding fashion as well as classic styles have made their way back into Winter weddings. We recently spoke with menswear professionals, Street Tuxedo, to get their perspective on the perfect styles for 2016 Winter grooms. We love the timeless looks that grooms are opting for this season!

Grooms are choosing more of a traditional look with classic black tuxes and classic elements. Bow ties are very popular as they provide a timeless, classy feel. Grey and navy tuxes have become extremely popular for each season, and they remain popular for Winter weddings. However, Street Tuxedo is starting to see a shift back to the classic black tux. “Guys are loving the slim-fit black tuxedo with a skinny black long tie or a bow tie.”

Street Tuxedo mentioned some of their favorite styles in groomswear for 2016 Winter weddings, including the accessory combination of a bow tie with suspenders. No matter what style or colors the groom chooses, this snazzy combination can’t be beat! Classic, classy, and sleek are the three words that come to mind; think Justin Timberlake! “I have had a few guys specifically say they want the Justin Timberlake look, so it has been a lot of Slim-Fit Ike Behar with the Peak Lapel and bow ties or skinny ties.”

We love that classic styles are making their way back into wedding fashion this Winter. If your groom wants to have a classy, timeless look, then he will look like a true gentleman in these handsome, classic styles from Street Tuxedo!




Images | Amilia Photography

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