Styling A Delicious Display

When setting up a dessert display for a wedding, it is very important to pay attention to key details such as the amount of wedding guests, the size of the table that will be used to display the desserts, and any floral arrangements or décor that will be involved. We recently spoke with Maria Ortiz, owner of Catalinas Bake Shop, about dessert bar display and preparation for a spread that looks as incredible as it tastes.




When deciding how many desserts to display on your dessert station, Maria recommends serving each guest about five pieces of dessert. Since some desserts are very small, this is the perfect amount for each guest. Catalinas Bake Shop mentions that their smaller dessert stations typically have about four hundred and fifty sweets. Their average wedding displays include about eight hundred to one thousand desserts.  The size of the wedding, the location of the wedding, and the background of each couple influence these selections.




We asked Maira how to make each dessert display look as appealing as the desserts themselves. So taste is our number one priority. It has to taste as good as it looks if not better. Then, we take pride in what we do and pay a lot of attention to detail.Catalinas Bake Shops desserts are not produced in bulk.  The desserts require time-consuming labor that the bakeshop loves to do, and this reflects in the beautiful presentation of their desserts. Catalinas Bake Shop uses beautiful stands and platters from incredible manufacturers. It is very rewarding when my clients tell me: We trust you Maria, do whatever you want with the displaywe know it will be beautiful and delicious!’”




For a dessert display that looks as incredible as it tastes, make sure to consider the size of your dessert display, the variety of flavors that you want to serve, and the location of the wedding. Catalinas Bake Shop follows these guidelines when displaying a dessert station for any size of wedding whether it is very large with over one thousand desserts or a smaller wedding with four hundred sweets.

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Written by | Olivia Bricen

Contributing Writer | Maria Ortiz of Catalinas Bake Shop

Photography by | Junior Gamez Photography

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