Cemetery Engagement Shoot


Halloween is just a few days away, and this cemetery engagement shoot by Jay Farrell Photography is getting us in true Halloween spirit. This festive, Fall engagement shoot echoes elements of crisp, Fall air in a fun, spooky setting. The shoot took place at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Nashville, Tennessee, which is full of rich history, creating the perfect setting for this creative session.

 The love-birds, Nick and Alexandra, met in high school and decided to spend the rest of their lives together. The couple has always been fascinated by cemeteries and even explored in them as children. “So, what better way to introduce them as a couple than to do some cemetery engagement photos at Mount Olivet Cemetery?”




The setting of the cemetery truly brings out the whimsical and connected relationship of Nick and Alexandra. Jay Farrell Photography is known for a documentary approach to photography, which is perfect for this engagement session. The natural love of Nick and Alexandra radiates without any awkward or cheesy poses. The gorgeous natural sunlight adds an additional natural element to these photos as the perfect backlight for the shoot.









For these last two photos, Jay Farrell Photography waved a flashlight back and forth to “paint the light.” He used shutter drag/long exposure photography to create these awesome images that create the appearance of spooky ghosts. These ghostly photos are the cherry on top to this festive, cemetery engagement shoot.



We hope you enjoyed this creative engagement session at Mount Olivet Cemetery, and that your Halloween is fun-filled, a little spooky, and safe!

Images | Jay Farrell Photography

Corresponding Writer | Jay Farrell

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