Fall Fare

Catering & Events by Suzette offers a wide range of seasonal options for your fall and winter nuptials. If you’re looking to keep your guests warm consider doing a hot cocoa, or apple cider bar. They offer full service bar with “as little of as much flair as you want!” In the pasts years guests have really enjoyed this service…especially little ones.


Chef JJ, of Catering & Events by Suzette, loves working with the spices and flavors of the fall and winter seasons. You can find flavorful dishes with nutmeg, cinnamon, anise, and juniper berries on their menu. There is so much creativity available with these spice combinations. Game meats are a great option to really showcase seasonal fare. Chef JJ’s signature winter dish is chorizo stuffed pork roast with a maple glaze and served with roasted apples.



They like to hand-tailor their menu to each event, which makes the options “truly endless.” Keeping everyone in mind allows them to serve fresh and seasonal dishes with enhanced flavor dimensions. Seasonal side options include: Turnip and Parsley Purée, Mashed Cauliflower as a mashed potato substitute, Roasted celery root with maple lace, and Roasted Rutabaga with Bacon to name a few. For entrees consider lamb, duck, and venison.



Warm up your guests with hearty soups. Catering & Events by Suzette also offers seasonal soups! Their delicious options include: Butternut Squash, Beet with Carrot and Sausage, Onion Thyme Bisque, and Roasted Poblano with corn and chicken soup garnished with radishes to name a few!


If the wedding is held outdoors a tents are a must, as well as heaters, we never can predict what the weather will hold, but you always want to make sure your guests are comfortable no matter what the temperature is outside.

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