Shelby & Brandon


Shelby and Brandon Crofton got married on September 5, 2015 at the beautiful Barn on Willis Branch in Goodlettsville, Tennessee.

Shelby and Brandon’s love story began while working together at a local retail store in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Shelby worked up front in sales while Brandon worked as a merchandiser in the back. From here, their loving relationship began to blossom just as Brandon was about to leave for basic training for the military.

Brandon was in basic training and Airborne School throughout the first two years of their relationship. Through many love letters and countless hours video chatting together, Brandon and Shelby could not get enough of each other. Brandon was able to come home that March during his military leave, and proposed to Shelby on her birthday in front of her mom in the rain. “He got down on one knee on my back patio, said I was his best friend, and asked me to marry him.”


 As Brandon was standing at the altar, he admits to standing on his tip toes to try to look over the heads of the wedding guests, and try and get a sneak peek of his beautiful soon to be wife, Shelby. When she walked down the aisle, she took Brandon’s breath away. From the groom: “Gasping for air, I was on the verge of shedding a tear and trying to remember my line. The only line I had, and when the time came, I still said “I do” early as the pastor was still talking.” Brandon’s feelings when he saw Shelby on their wedding day were unmatched, and he still looks at her this way every day. “Everything I see is brighter, everything I do is better, and everything will always be better now that she is here with me by my side.”

Shelby also tried to peek to see Brandon standing at the altar. From the bride: “As the bride, I had never been so nervous in my entire life. I kept peeking out of the bridal building trying to see Brandon or anything that was going on. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see anything, and I was left waiting for my dad to come get me. Walking down the aisle was a very emotional experience. One part of my brain was freaking out saying, ‘please don’t fall,’ while the other part could hardly believe that this moment had finally come. All of this planning and running around had come to these final moments. It was finally time to marry the love of my life and best friend. There has never been a happier moment in my life.”


The country chic wedding decor was the perfect theme for Shelby and Brandon’s rustic barn setting. The main colors used were peach and navy. There was a beautiful peach and navy arch at the ceremony sight with pearl beads hanging from the top. This was Shelby’s favorite decoration at the wedding; the arch was created by her aunt making it extra special and sentimental. Shelby and Brandon had an amazing night spending time with both of their families and close friends.



From the bride: “While this may sound strange, I loved the fact that it rained on my wedding day. Most brides would have been a wreck if that happened to them, but I was glad that it rained because it reminded me of all of the things we had been through to make this day a reality. I remember the first time Brandon and I kissed was standing in the rain outside of our work, and the day he left me for basic training, we shared another kiss in the rain as we said goodbye for what would be the hardest months of my life. As I said before, he also proposed to me in the rain at my house. It only felt right for it to also rain on the day that we officially became one.”

We wish Brandon and Shelby a lifetime of love and celebration, and we thank Brandon for his services to the United States of America.


Photography | [407] Productions

Venue | Barn on Willis Branch

Cake | Flour Girls

Catering | Uncle Bud’s Catfish

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