Tia & Ben


Tia and Ben Proctor got married on August 29, 2014, at the historic, rustic Buchanan Log House in Nashville, Tennessee. Music truly brought these two love birds together. Tia needed some help with her drums, and one of her friends knew a drummer that frequented the restaurant that the two girls waitressed at at the time. The friend happened to be Ben! Tia and Ben began their relationship as friends and this blossomed into the love they have today.





Ben proposed shortly after he and Tia purchased their first home together. Ben came home from work and asked Tia to marry him right in their living room for an intimate, personal proposal.

Tia and Ben had a lovely first look photo session. It was so special for the couple to be able to see each other alone before walking down the aisle. This beautiful moment was captured by Nikki Hollis Photography. “We were both kind of shocked. We were unsure of what we were traditionally “allowed” to do, so our photographer Nikki Hollis had to tell us that it was alright to touch each other!”




Tia and Ben’s vintage, gun-slinger wedding was full of unique, vintage decor. Under each chair at the ceremony was a brown paper bag containing a plastic pistol and wording on the outside that said “Wait for it.” Tia had a flask on her garter and the bridesmaids all had plastic pistols tucked into their own garters. The groomsmen likewise all had plastic pistols hidden in their socks. At the close of the ceremony, the guests reached into their bags, and the ceremony ended with a bang! Old whiskey bottles were used in the centerpieces as vases to hold the beautiful florals. A vintage typewriter was set up on a table for guests to leave personal messages for Tia and Ben. The reception also had an area with a giant Jenga game that groom made for the event! Tia, who owns and operates a local specialty food truck, A Little Italian, had the wedding day and rehearsal dinner catered by her own delicious specialty Italian foods from A Little Italian. The couple served a signature cocktail called, “Bacon Old Fashioned,” which included whiskey infused with Benton’s Bacon. The groom’s bandmates from local band, Screaming Names, played the live music for the ceremony and friend of the couple, Daniel Bissell, DJ’d for the reception with lots of excellent, fun music.





The wedding day was such a special, memorable moment for Tia, Ben, and their friends and family. “The most special gift was a hand drawn portrait of the Buchanan Log house where we got married, drawn by the groom’s grandfather, Raymond Proctor, who has done amazing portraits his whole life and was recently featured on “Tennessee Crossroads.” 

We wish Tia and Ben a lifetime of celebration and love.


Photographer | Nikki Hollis Photography

Venue | Buchanan Log House

Catering | A Little Italian

Music | Screaming Names & Daniel Bissel





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