Fall Floral Design


Fall florals bring beautiful, deeper tones to bridal bouquets and centerpieces. To find out which florals would be perfect for a Fall wedding this season, we reached out to Angel Rodriguez from Rodri Studio. Although classic wedding flowers still make an appearance at Fall weddings, Rodri Studio chooses more deep and lush palettes that reflect the Fall season. There are a wide variety of Roses that come in different hues for a beautiful Fall color scheme: burgundy, orange, terracotta, tinto, quicksand, and circus. “A favorite among brides during this time of the year are mango (mix of burnt orange and yellow), Picasso (white and deep purple) and hot chocolate (deep burgundy) Mini Callas.” Burnt orange and red Cymbidium Orchids are also great as they add both color and texture to any arrangement. “Dahlias are of course the queens of the Fall season as they not only provide lush texture but come in natural Fall color tones.” Rodri Studio also suggests Antique Hydrangeas, bright orange, pink, and yellow Celosias and Hepericum Berries to add an extra layer of texture.


Because Fall colors are rich in textures and colors, Rodri Studio usually chooses warmer colors with unexpected combinations and subtle color palettes. “For example, pairing purple Hydrangeas and Roses with crimson Mini Callas or peach Garden Roses with orange Dahlias and mango Mini Callas.”


This Fall, Rodri Studio is seeing less wildflower type arrangements and more structured ones. English Garden Roses are still being requested by brides, and will continue to be popular during the Fall as they bring romance and texture to any arrangement. Greenery of all kinds will be very popular this Fall wedding season from runner to greenery hanging from chandeliers. Brides are also requesting their bouquets to be fully wrapped in a variety of warm textured fabric such as wool or velvet ribbons. Gold and silver accents will continue to be popular throughout this wedding season, but copper is becoming very popular in the uses of vases and candleholders.



We asked Angel Rodriguez about his favorite part of designing Fall weddings in South Florida, and he responded, ” I think my favorite part of designing for Fall weddings is the fact that I get to work with so many fabulous blooms with great colors and textures. I love the coziness that Fall brings.”


Corresponding Writer | Angel Rodriguez of Rodri Studio

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