Athena Bridal Jewelry


Are you beautiful brides looking for fabulous, dazzling jewelry and accessories to complete your wedding look? Athena Bridal Jewelry is a wonderful UK based wholesale jeweler offering a gorgeous selection of bridal and prom jewelry for brides worldwide. With over ten years of experience in bridal jewelry, Athena Bridal Jewelry has created and developed four gorgeous collections of incredible bridal jewelry for every type of bride.

Athena Bridal Jewelry offers four stunning collections of bridal jewelry including the Athena Collection, Swarovski & Cz Collection, Elite Collection, and the SassB Collection. The Athena Collection is designed inside Athena Bridal Jewelry with a wide range of gorgeous accessories including wedding headbands, combs, earrings, necklaces, tiaras, and bracelets. Athena Bridal Jewelry’s luxurious collections truly make this incredible jeweler unique. The Swarovski & Cz Collection includes high end pieces of bridal hair accessories and matching necklace sets and bracelets. These pieces are made with Cz and Swarovski crystals with a rhodium finish. Athena Bridal Jewelry’s Elite Collection keeps vintage loving brides as its top priority. With high end designer couture, this vintage themed collection includes gorgeous necklace sets, bracelet sets, and hair accessories all made with high quality Cz crystals. The SassB collection, also inspired by vintage couture, includes gorgeous pieces for the bride who loves old Hollywood glam! SassB also includes gorgeous marabou and ostrich feather shrugs for the truly glamorous bride.

With four stunning collections, Athena Bridal Jewelry offers gorgeous wedding day accessories for all brides!


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