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When choosing a great caterer, it is important to keep your personal favorite tastes and dishes as a couple in mind along with the vision and style of your wedding. We recently spoke with Debbie Garcia from incredible Nashville catering company, Chef’s Market, to gain some insight on choosing the perfect catering company for your style of wedding!



When searching for a great catering company, the first step is to do some research. Try to find catering companies that you think would fit your wedding theme as well as your expectations. Most caterers have pictures on their websites that showcase their work, making online research a great place to start! Then, set up a consultation with potential caterers and be open and honest when discussing the type of dishes that you want to have. Chef’s Market asks many questions to get a good feel on the type of food that their brides are looking for, and customize every menu! Chef’s Market recommends steering clear of cookie cutter menus that do not fit your food profile for your wedding. “Any good caterer will make sure that you have the food you want in the budget you need.”



It is important to think about your guests’ preferences as well as your personal favorite dishes. “This is a celebration of your love and relationship with your partner for life, but remember the people who have travelled to celebrate with you.” Also, think about your venue and what type of setup for the foods you choose will work best with the space. A caterer will be able to point you in the right direction for the best food and setup for your venue. “We want to make sure we deliver above your expectations and we are here to work with you.”



Great caterers, like Chef’s Market, listen to the wants and needs of the couples they work with. With great communication, the caterer is able to provide the couple with an amazing menu that they might not think was possible. Exceeding expectations with knowledge of venues and creating menus that encompass the couple’s palette as well as making sure that guests will enjoy the food are top priorities for Chef’s Market.



We asked Debbie about her favorite part of catering weddings. She responded, “I love to meet with a bride and groom and come up with a menu that describes them. So often brides focus on the colors, flowers, and venue, but not the food. I love to show them that food is what brings people together and uses all the senses.”



Corresponding Writer | Debbie Garcia of Chef’s Market

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